Serving Students in Grades 7 - 12

Our culture today is saturated by entertainment — movies, music, TV, sports arenas, etc. All these mediums are preaching their own worldview and are often targeted at the youth. We strive to help students live in this culture, while they live out of a Biblical worldview. We aren’t looking to exit culture, but to engage it.

How do we help students understand and desire this for themselves and for their friends? We empower a community of students to passionately love Jesus, selflessly serve one another, and intentionally reach out.

Youth Group

Join us for our youth group time.

We begin our time of learning and fellowship together at 6:45.

Meets regularly Sept-May with special events during the summer.



Our youth participate in a number of retreats. Our church sponsored retreat happens in the Fall. This is a time for us to get away from the routine to refresh and reorient our lives to Christ.