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Serving Students in Grades 7 - 9

Our culture today is saturated by entertainment — movies, music, TV, sports arenas, etc. All these mediums are preaching their own worldview and are often targeted at the youth. We strive to help students live in this culture, while they live out of a Biblical worldview. We aren’t looking to exit culture, but to engage it.









We have the Awana, "Trek" program on Wednesday night 6:45 pm - 8:15 on for youth in grades 7-9. In the fall of 2023,  we will add 10th grade and adding each year so by 2025 we will cover up to 12th grade.



Our youth participate in a spring and fall retreat and Northern Grace Youth Camp.  This is a time for youth to get away to refresh and reorient their lives to Christ.

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