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Senior Pastor Search



Since our initial meeting in March 2019, the members of the Bethesda Church Senior Pastor Search Committee have been meeting bi-weekly.  Our first task was to evaluate the needs and desires of the church. Using information from a variety of focus group interviews across the church body by the Elders of Bethesda, we have found an overwhelming desire for sound preaching, interpersonal connection, a heart for prayer, and a vision to accomplish the mission of Bethesda Church.  Equipped with these values and goals, the Search Committee's second task was to put together a Church Profile, Senior Pastor job description, and application process. Having completed those tasks, we are now excitedly seeking a Senior Pastor who can lead Bethesda Church as we live, teach, and share the Gospel of the Grace of God. 


We are now accepting applications for our Senior Pastor. We have completed a profile of our ideal Pastoral Candidate and a packet of information about our church for applicants' edification; this information can be accessed by viewing or downloading our Church Profile using the button above. Applications can be submitted by navigating to our application page:


The Search Committee provides regular updates on the search process during our Sunday service. In conjunction with these updates we have daily prayer requests, which can be found in the bulletin each week.  Please participate with us in prayer!  Additionally, while we cannot share names of potential candidates, we are eager to share the strategic thinking behind the creation of the search process as well as the values which undergird the decisions we make. If you have any comments or questions, we would love to hear from you.  Click here to email us.


The Bethesda Church Senior Pastor Search Committee was appointed by the Elders and is comprised of active members of Bethesda Church including current and previous Elders, Worship Leaders, Deaconesses, and volunteers.  These include (in no particular order):

Jason Christenson, Search Committee Chairman

Julie Francis, Deaconess Chairwoman

Al Larson, Worship Leader

Brittany Christenson

Ellen Simonsen

Rebecca Christenson

Bruce Anderson, Elder, Church Treasurer

John Francis, Elder

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